“I think my source of hope is myself. I feel like every day I have to wake up and do something to prepare myself for the future. That’s why we started the organization Planning For Tomorrow. We are not only planning for ourselves but for everyone here in Kyangwali. We try to train them with life skills so they can use the skills to gain an income tomorrow. We are trying to teach the children [in our school] so they can at least perform well in their primary national examinations, and then also proceed to secondary, perform well, and have a good future. P4T is very important because we know the problem that fellow refugees are having, and all of our interventions tackle the refugees’ problems. And there is no one who can do it better than us who are here, living in the settlement. That is why we value interventions of refugees more than the ones of external agencies. The community can easily impact the population. Any small support that is given to the community can have a very big impact.”

To learn more about Planning For Tomorrow Youth Organisation and the amazing work through refugee initiatives, check out their Facebook page!


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