Over the next few days, NLG board member Meital Kupfer will be sharing the incredible story of Daniel Ameny (Fatb Katilan Khalid), a refugee in Uganda. Uganda is the eighth largest host of refugees in the world, with over 600,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, and Rwanda.
Daniel Ameny, also known as Khalid, is a Congolese refugee who has lived in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement since 2001. He has been in Uganda since 1997 after fleeing his native country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, due to war.
Kyangwali Settlement is one of ten refugee settlements in Uganda. It is in Western Uganda, on the shores of Lake Albert, 80 km from the town of Hoima. Kyangwali is 90 km2 and hosts approximately 40,000 Congolese, Sudanese, Burundian, and Rwandese refugees, many of whom have lived here for over a decade.
Daniel is the co-director of Planning For Tomorrow Youth Organisation, which is a refugee founded community-based organization (CBO) with a vision of a healthy and self-reliant community. P4T was started in 2007 by a group of refugees in Kyangwali Settlement and promotes community initiatives and has recently opened a local primary and nursery school. Daniel still lives in Kyangwali and hopes to expand P4T’s school to upper primary and create more opportunities for the refugee community.
If you are interested in learning about No Lost Generation GWU, please join us for our Spring Conference on April 29th.
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