Meet Yvana, a freshman in the Elliott School of International Affairs. Here’s why she joined No Lost Generation (NLG-GW)- “I’ve spent a lot of my childhood with my family in Lebanon, and started noticing the stress the Syrian refugee crisis was putting on the region before it was necessarily a global cause. I especially remember young children selling flowers and toys on the street, and wondering why they weren’t in school. In the 5 years of the conflict, the challenges these children face and how their futures and psychological wellbeing is the biggest casualty in this contrived regional conflict. ‘No Lost Generation’ isn’t just a name, its a very real risk our world faces. NLG-GW as provided a community that shares my passion, as well as the mission to make tangible gains towards bringing education to these devastated areas. The work we’ve been able to do in the short course of a year gives me great hope that young people enjoying the incredible opportunity of a college education can put their time and passion towards giving that opportunity to others, especially those who have already lost so much. An education lasts a lifetime, and I’m grateful to spread that opportunity to Syrian refugees through NLG.” Help support our cause by donating to NLG-GW today! Every dollar counts!


Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.28.12 PM

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