Meet Lauren, a sophomore in the Elliott School of International Affairs. Here’s why she joined No Lost Generation (NLG-GW)- “I joined NLG because I heard about a group of classmates starting a student organization to provide education to Syrian refugee children and immediately wanted in. After almost 5 years, the Syrian refugee crisis finally started gaining global media coverage over the Summer and you could no longer ignore the atrocities happening both in Syria and to refugees fleeing the war. GW offers us such a unique opportunity to be located at the heart of US policy making and in close vicinity to organizations like the State Department, UNHCR, and Save the Children, allowing us to work with brilliant people passionate about stopping the suffering of refugees. NLG has opened my eyes to the power that students have to make a significant impact if they set their minds and resources to it. I have never witnessed a group of students so passionate and resourceful, all for the sole purpose of making a difference. If you have ever felt that your voice is not being heard because you are too young and foolish to have a say, I implore you to keep pushing and seek out the resources to do so. Students have yet to realize the enormous role they have to play in the Syrian crisis and NLG-GW is just the beginning.”Help support our cause by donating to NLG-GW today! Every dollar counts!


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