Meet Blake, a senior in the Elliott School of International Affairs. Here’s why he joined No Lost Generation (NLG-GW)- “I have a history working in refugee resettlement as a caseworker and interpreter. Having worked closely with refugees in the past, I have heard firsthand their horror stories of being forcibly displaced from their homes and largely ignored by the international community. Most refugees in the world have lost everything they have, except their hope that better times lie ahead. As a college student and an activist for refugee aid, I jumped at the chance to help NLG-GW in their mission to engage college students with this Syrian refugee crisis. I asked to be put at the forefront of our outreach efforts here at NLG-GW so that I could spread our message to other students like me across the country. College student activists want so badly to give their time and energy to these refugees who need it, but many lack the connections and resources to do so. Together, as a countrywide network of college students united to support humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees, I believe we can enact real change in the international humanitarian community. I hope that college students, and young people in general, will use our model to become more involved in humanitarian crises not just now, but in the future as well.” Help support our cause by donating to NLG-GW today! Every dollar counts!


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